The History of TNC

PLEASE NOTE: On the left are some of the various logos and banners we have used throughout the years. They are all inactive and retired. We now use the logos you see all over the website discord.

The Notoriety Club: Forged in 2018 by Toadle

In the gaming realm, where camaraderie and skill collide, The Notoriety Club emerged as a beacon for like-minded enthusiasts. Established in 2018 by the visionary gamer known as Toadle, our community has since evolved into a thriving hub for gaming excellence.

Multi-Gaming Excellence from North America:

Hailing from the gaming heartland of North America, The Notoriety Club is a multi-gaming organization that embraces the diverse and dynamic world of video games. From the vast landscapes of Red Dead Redemption 2 to the adrenaline-fueled battlefields of Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone, we've explored and conquered virtual realms across genres.

A Community of Maturity and Respect:

At the core of The Notoriety Club is a commitment to fostering a mature and respectful gaming environment. To ensure a cohesive and engaging atmosphere, we proudly welcome gamers aged 18 and above, uniting individuals who share a passion for immersive gaming experiences.

Trailblazing into the Future:

From our early days of exploring the Wild West in Red Dead Redemption 2 to mastering the chaos of battle royales, The Notoriety Club has continually evolved. We've embraced new games, forged lasting friendships, and created memories that resonate across our diverse gaming landscape.

Join the Legacy:

Are you ready to become a part of The Notoriety Club's storied legacy? Join our Discord server https://discord.gg/EZAATGHUwW and immerse yourself in a community where gaming prowess meets lasting camaraderie. Share your gaming stories, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and embark on new adventures as we continue to shape the future of gaming together.

As we celebrate our roots and look forward to the horizon of gaming possibilities, The Notoriety Club invites you to be a part of our ongoing saga. Together, let's elevate the gaming experience to new heights.

See you in the virtual realms!